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Bonding Happy Hour
5 -7PM

Delicious food to make every occasion special

We provide diners with a wealth of tasty options for those who love Thai food.

We also offer a number of different types of food including sushi.

Some of the most popular options on the menu at Bonding include the gyoza, pad see ew, red curry and the Bonding fried rice.


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Miami Thai Food

We are open

Mon-Thu: 5-10pm
Fri: 5-11 pm
Sat: 1-11 pm
Sun: 1-10 pm

638 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

Our most popular food items

Red Curry

Cooked in red coconut milk with bamboo bell peppers and basil.

Volcano Chicken

Crunchy fried chicken marinated in sweet Thai chili sauce.

Pad Thai

Rice noodles, egg, bean, sprout, scallions and our tamarind sauce.

Bonding Donut

Fried dough and condensed milk.

This month special

Seafood Clear Noodle

Just the right mix of lobster, shrimp, scallop, and calamari served with rice noodles, egg, mushrooms and onions.

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Our Menu

Most Popular

Duck Salad

A crisp to the bite duck presented with a medley of vibrant red and green onions and sweet chili paste.


Spicy Tuna Salad

Greens mix, house dressing and ahi tuna.


Tom Yum

Full-flavored mushrooms, lemon-grass and Thai chili paste soup.


King of the Sea

Combination of snapper, scallops and shrimp in a tom yum broth.


Seafood Salad

Plump shrimp, thick scallops and scrumptious calamari served with tamarind chili dressing.


Tom Ka Kai

Chicken cooked in coconut milk, lemon-grass chopped cilantro and mouth watering mushrooms.



House rich and hearty vegetables soup.


Drunken Noodle

Fresh rice noodle cooked with garlic brown sauce, basil leaf and Thai spice.


We are open

Mon-Thu: 5-10pm
Fri: 5-11 pm
Sat: 1-11 pm
Sun: 1-10 pm

638 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

Need help? Call us on

+1 786-409-4796

Happy Hour Menu





Garlic Edamame


Salmon tempura roll


Passion Fruit sake


Hot/ cold sake